Qualitative and precise mechanical treatment of construction elements is of an extraordinary importance for stability, precision and a final product of high quality. Metalna Senovo emphasizes a careful approach in the machining process. With cutting processes in classical and in horizontal CNC machines as well as with rough mechanical operations we provide a reliable treatment for all further processes in which pieces reach a length of 15 meters and a weight of 30 tons and more. As a part of a mechanical plant, light machining is performed for the needs of manufacturing smaller elements.

Our capacities:

  • Bridge lift 50 tons
  • Bridge lift 25 tons
  • Bridge lift 5 tons
  • Classical and horizontal CNC machines
  • Turning up to 6 mmeters and 1000 mm fi
  • Milling, drilling, busting
  • Round gridding
  • Rails for the entry of a lift of a capacity of 20 tons