Hydromechanics equipment

Metalna Senovo is the leading Slovenian manufacturer of hydromechanics equipment. Within the company, we offer our own manufacturing as well as our own planning and hydromechanics equipment design.

Our experience:

  • Cooperation in construction of the new power plant Male elektrane (MHE)
  • Cooperation in construction of new hydroelectric power plants (HPP)
  • Cooperation with Slovenian colleagues in the field of energy (HSE, HESS, SEL, DEM, SENG)


Equipment for nuclear industry

We achieve the highest standards and we are experts in high tech security regulations, required in the manufacture of nuclear equipment. Precise manufacturing and high standards are confirmed by the acquired standards for welding and for complete production of this type of equipment.

  • Manufacture of metal structures of nuclear equipment
  • Manufacture of hazardous waste barrels
  • Equipment manager for nuclear Power Plant Krško (NEK)
  • Collaboration on NEK overhauls


Steelwork equipment

In the field of steelwork, we upgrade and complement our knowledge and quality in the field. We are a trusted and valuable partner company.