After acquiring the raw material the pieces need to be cut in suitable smaller segments that can be prepared for further processing.

Our capacities:

  • Sandblasting dimensions 2,7m x 0,6m x16m
  • Sandblasting chamber 5,2m x 4,5m x16m
  • Plasma cutter Varcut HYPERFORMANCE HPR260XD dimensions 2,5m x13m thick sheet metal of 35mm
  • Plasma cutter Varstroj dimensions 2,5m x 6m thickness 400mm
  • Band saws:
    • 2x automatic band saws -45° / +45° dimensions 350mm
    • 1x CNC band saws Bomar -60° / +60°
  • Profile scissors 2x
  • Eccentric press for pipe cutting
  • KMU edge cutting machine with a length of 4m grinding 0 do 60°, 100mm thickness
  • Drilling machine 2x
  • Rolling machine with a width of 3,1m
  • Bending machine for bending 4m long sheet metal