Our welding processes are adapted to various needs and conditions, from robotic and automatic welding to manual welding processes. With our technical capacities, we can weld the most intricate parts and achieve the highest standards.

Our capacities:

  • System tables for the assembly of 2x  3m x 8m
  • Flat tables for the assembly 10x
  • Tables for preparations
  • The welding documentations and the quality of the welding parts are manufactured and supervised by international welding engineers (IWE-international welding engineer) and a welding coordinator
  • Welding sources Varstroj D600 and WPS 5000 (50x)
  • Welding cell with two robots dimensions 5,5m x 6m (2x robot OTC )
  • Universal welding cell two work places dimension 4m x 6m (1x robot FANUC)
    • Positioner dimensions 3x3m weight 3 tone
  • Welding machine EPP length 8m (2x)
  • Welding machine MAG length 2,5m (2x)
  • Welding machine CLOOS length 8m

We offer:

  • EPP welding under dust
  • MIG / MAG welding (+inox)
  • TIG welding (inox, AL)
  • REO welding