For all of our current and future employees we offer a stable working environment, which enables personal and professional growth. We are a family friendly company that takes the balance of private and office life into consideration.


We offer a variety of possibilities in training and education for our current employees, which enables a lifelong cooperation and development.
To possible future employees without a proper education or knowledge we offer intern training to acquire the necessary knowledge (Operator CNC, welder, locksmith, anti-corrosion).

High-school and university students

We offer a lot of possibility to the young generations, who wish to meet our work environment during their education

  • mandatory practice in the course of their studies
  • apprenticeships
  • personnel scholarships
  • help with preparation of Bachelors or Master’s Thesis
  • holiday student work

Free time

Our employees have at their disposal holiday facilities in Nerezine, Croatia. We organize different sport activities and thus ensure better health for our employees.



The list of job vacancies is constantly updated.