Company guidelines

Company Metalna Senovo is oriented in long-term support business processes and in dynamic adaptation to market conditions, new techniques and technologies in the field of construction, installation and engineering. We use modern technological practises and are always in search of ways to improve the process.

A company with a vision

Our highly qualified, motivated and flexible staff puts Metalna Senovo in competition on the international stage. With regular trainings and education, the company takes care of the staffs’ development. At the same time, Metalna Senovo directs its energy into updating technology and processes.



Picture of Metalna Senovo d.o.o.

Metalna Senovo d.o.o.

Titova cesta 52, 8281 Senovo, Slovenia

+386 (0)7 488 18 00 | | VAT SI68718659 | IBAN (NLB) SI56 0298 0005 0986 367 | IBAN (Koper) SI56 1010 0003 8775 066